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Living Frugal Tips for Using Coupons:

Where do I Find Free Grocery Coupons?

Some of the best places to look for free grocery coupons are in your local newspaper, magazines, junk mail, on the grocery store shelf or in the weekly flyers sent out by the store.

When you learn how to use coupons, you'll be able to take a minimum of 10% off your total grocery bill with little effort. This can make an big impact on your overall household budget and one of the many different ways to save money.

The real secret to benefiting is to combine them with a sale.You can save on food, household items, cleaning products, automobile oil changes, pet food and products, restaurants....etc.

Now, there are a lot of sites that claim you can reduce your grocery bill by 90% or more. This may be possible, if you have nothing else to do but shop. Unfortunately, we all have plenty of other things to do. Grocery shopping is not one task I want to make a full time job out of. Since free grocery coupons are readily available, it makes life a little easier when looking for different ways to save money.

Using your free grocery coupons effectively:

  • Decide how much money do I really want to save?
  • Get Organized - Buy an inexpensive binder. The best way to organize coupons is by type. After clipping, sort them into like piles such as toiltries, condiments, frozen foods, household cleaning supplies and so forth.
  • Don't do all your shopping at one store. You will need to shop around at your local stores to see who has the best prices when items are on sale. If a store is pricey at first glance, there's a good chance they will have better sales (they can afford to).
  • Timing is Everything - Just because you cut it this week doesn't mean you have to use it now. Watch the sale flyers and use it when the item is on sale.
  • Stacking - Stacking is when you use more than one. This allows you to save even more when you use both the manufacturer's and store coupons. You can stack coupons at WalMart, Target, Publix, Kroger and Ingles just to name a few.
  • Shop BOGO Sales: This allows you to double up on your savings!!
  • Shop Kroger's "10 for" Sales. These are very good sales to combine with your coupons.
  • Shop to save for College using UPromise.
  • Last but not least, never buy an item you won't use or need. You can fall prey to buying stuff you really don't need then you haven't saved anything.

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