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Living Frugal doesn't mean you live a life of poverty. It means you are smart with your money. The definition of frugal means you aren't wasteful; it is the quality of being prudent in saving; the lack of wastefulness.

I have been just as guilty as everyone else when it comes to wasting money. I'm not in the business of putting anyone down because of debt, I want to help you become financially independent so you can have a secure future.

In these articles, we'll talk about paying down your debts as well as how much you should save toward your future.

One of the biggest questions I've had is:

Should I save money or pay off debt first?

  • Everyone should have at least 6 months expenses in savings. This is so important because if an unexpected expense comes up, you automatically swipe your credit card if you don't have the cash on hand for the expense.
  • This is where you'll get into financial trouble, you don't plan for the unexpected. It's those unexpected expenses that will wreak havoc on your finances. By planning and saving for the unexpected, you break the debt cycle in your life.
  • Unexpected expenses will always come up, that's why it's so important to be prepared for them.
  • It will take diligence in saving today, to be prepared for the unexpected tomorrow.

The next step to get your finances in order is to start canceling services you don't need. 

Unnecessary Services eating up your budget?

Take a good look at unnecessary services you are paying for. Yes, you can afford them but if you have outstanding debt, you really can't afford them and do you even need them? It's those unnecessary services that are eating away the money you could be using to pay down debt.

  • Are you paying for 4 cell phones with all the features? If you and your family must have cell phones, remove all the features. This alone can save you in excess of $50 per month.
  • What about the cable bill? Are you paying for numerous channels that you flip past and don't watch? Trimming down the cable bill could save you some significant cash.
  • The same is true with magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Do you read all the magazines you subscribe to? Do you really need them?

To sum it up, living frugal will require you to decide what is really important do you. Is it more important to live with luxuries you don't need or is it more important to start planning for your future to be debt free?

I think you're convinced you're ready to start living frugal and become debt free or you wouldn't be here. Keep reading and enjoy the journey to financial independence.

Relevant Articles for Living Frugal

Your Debt

You're tired of being in debt and being a servant to the lender. When you're in debt, it gets discouraging to work hard and never get ahead. The only way you can start getting ahead is to pay off your debts by living frugal and being smart with your money.  Learn how envelope budgeting can help you get your spending under control and eliminate debt.

Are you in danger of losing your home? Find out how you can save your home if you just can't afford the mortgage any longer.

Learn how big the National Debt really is and why it's critical we become debt free America!!

Your Savings

You must always have an emergency fund set aside for things like car breakdowns, medical bills or the unexpected expenses that can come in life. Without an emergency savings fund, you'll find yourself using your credit card to cover these expenses which gets you deeper in debt. Use banks with the best savings account rates so you get more for your money. Living Frugal starts with having adequate savings to cover emergency expenses.

Save Money Around the House

Find ways to start saving money on groceries, use extreme couponing if necessary to save more money. Get the family together to think of frugal living ideas and reward the kids for their ideas for saving money. Save money on utilities and apply the extra money to your debt elimination plan.

Make Extra Money

If you're barely making ends meet as it is, start looking for ways to make extra money. You can look for odd jobs around the neighborhood or pick up a part time job. In your spare time, you can make money taking surveys, being an online juror , becoming a virtual assistant or maybe even creating your own website or blog. If you're going to get ahead, it will take some extra hard work but it will be worth all your efforts. Believe it or not, you can actually get paid to tweet!!

Learn about Making Money Online from Home using affiliate marketing. It is very possible!!

Check out Legit Online Jobs and earn money from the comfort of your home.

Learn how Kids Can Make Money

Start a Garden

One of the best ways to start saving money on groceries is to start a home vegetable garden. You can grow your own food in a backyard garden or create your own container vegetable garden. You'll be surprised how much money you can save by growing your own food.

Maximize your investment and plant edible landscape around your property. Not only does it beautify but it supplies food for the family too. 

Maybe you have limited space and think you are unable to plant a garden? Plant a container garden and save money on your food bill while eating healthy.

Start Living the Frugal Life

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