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How Kids can Make Money

How kids can make money so they learn the value of a dollar and learn to become responsible with money? If a child is old enough to ask for money, they are old enough to learn the value of money. 

If you have a child that wants a new toy, teach them how to make their own money and buy the toy with their own money. Discuss it with them and suggest they come up with their own creative ways to make money. It will teach them responsibility and that nothing in life is free. That's part of the problem these days, people have such a sense of entitlement. It's time to start teaching our kids that no one owes them anything and in order to succeed, work is an absolute must.

How Kids Can Make Money

Saving aluminum cans is a great way for a kid to start saving money. Depending upon the state you live in, the cans may be worth as much as a nickel each. Your child learns about work and they also learn the concept of saving money for a toy they want. Later in life they'll thank you when they pay cash for everything.

Help the Neighbors

Maybe there are neighbors that would like to have some help around the house. Have the child offer to do chores for the neighbors. They could mow the lawn or take out the trash on a regular basis.


Setup a list of chores that the kids can do to earn money. However, there should also be a set of chores that are not paid. They have to do the chores that do not earn them money before doing the ones that do.

My Favorite Way - How Kids can Make Money? Lemonade Stand

Setup a Lemonade stand in the neighborhood.

This is a great opportunity for you to spend time with your child sitting in a lounge chair with your straw hat on while teach them the value of a dollar.

Wash Cars

Get your kids to join in with their friends and wash cars in the neighborhood. It's a fun way to spend a summer and teaches them how to be a member of a team as well as how to work an earn money.

Shovel Snow

No one likes to shovel snow in the winter. Shoveling snow is a good lesson in teaching children how to earn money by working.

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