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I have put together these work from home tips so you can be successful in your new home based work from home job. I consider myself very blessed to have one of the greatest online jobs from home. I wish you the same.

Working from home is not only very effective but it saves you time and money. You are able to get some work done instead of spending hours each day sitting in traffic.

With the rising cost of gas (not to mention everything else too), most of us need to work from home. For those of us who do, we are very thankful to have found an online job from home. I know I am, I've been a telecommuting work from home employee for over 5 years now.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they start working from home is not setting up their own dedicated work space. Having the dedicated work space helps you focus and gives you privacy if there are others at home while you are working.

Dedicating the necessary workspace is one of the most important work from home tips.

Work from Home Tips

Manage your time
Believe it or not, you can become accustomed to doing nothing but working while you are at home. You need to manage your time and start your day just like you would if you were in an office. The same is true with ending your day. Don't become a victim of "just one more thing" or you'll be working all night and burn yourself out quickly.

If you have a dedicated workspace, you end your day and shutdown the PC the same as you would at the office. Use a notebook and/or a calendar to prioritize and plan your tasks each day. This keeps you focused on the tasks for the day as well as other tasks that can be completed later in the week.

Reference your task list or calendar each morning.

Get Dressed
I'll admit, you'll be more comfortable in your pajamas or yoga pants but don't make it a habit. There will be those days from time to time but don't make it everyday. Believe it or not, getting "ready" each morning helps keep you focused throughout your day. It also helps when you need to run errands at lunch or in the afternoon - you're already ready.

This is one of the work from home tips that works, but it takes dicipline to abide by it.

Buy a Good Headset
You'll find a good headset is invaluable in the virtual office. If you're on the phone 2-4 hours a day, it won't take long until your neck starts telling you "get a headset".

I typically don't buy the expensive ones as I have always had very good luck with the cheap ones from Best Buy. I use an over the ear headset. It's more comfortable than the ones with a band over the top of your head.

Experience how it used to be
As with everything else, you'll start taking your online job from home for granted. When this happens to me, I make it a point to run an errand in rush hour traffic. It takes about 5 minutes for me to realize how blessed I am not to have to get out in the traffic mess.

Good luck in your new work from home job. I know you'll do well and love it just as I do.

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