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Spy on Pirates and Be a Private Investigator

Become a Private Investigator for Piracy

Piracy has become such a common practice today that television studios have started fighting back. They are hiring private investigative companies to catch the pirating suspects in the act.

Anybody can do it and it's fairly easy to get started. It's not a bad way to make extra money.

Companies like Showtime and HBO hire private investigator companies to "investigate". The companies then hire independent contractors like you and me to help them find the piracy thieves.

The private investigator's job is to scout bars and restaurants in your area during or shortly before a big event, like a pay per view boxing match. The private investigator is paid by the location you catch in the offense so it is your best interest to catch as many locations as possible "in the act".

Take your phone book and create a list of possible bars and restaurants in your area. Prior to the big event, call the locations and explain that you are looking for a place to watch the "big fight" and were curious if they were showing it. You will also be provided a list of locations that have purchased the rights to air the events. Your job is to take note of the locations that are planning to air the event, but haven't purchased the rights to do so.

You'll visit each of the locations that will be showing the event unauthorized. You'll be a regular patron so you want to act like one and take a seat and order at least an appetizer. Your job is to stay "undercover" so don't blurt out to anyone that you are a piracy investigator.

If the location plays the event, you will need to document and provide evidence. Some jobs will require you to take a picture of the TV with your cell phone while others may request you to record a few seconds of video with your phone.

You are typically paid anywhere from $125 - $175 dollars per location that you catch illegally showing the event. The following day you'll submit your signed affidavit and evidence to the private investigation company. They pay you directly for your efforts within a set period of time.

Get the Gig

Piracy surveillance jobs are often posted on a few weeks prior the big event. A couple of companies that are hiring are:

Not interested in being a piracy investigator? Get paid from the comfort of your own home by generating verifiable leads for investigators.

Not too shabby for some moonlighting work. More money to contribute to your living frugal debt reduction plan.

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