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Work from Home Transcription Job

Finding a work from home transcription job is a great way to save money and live frugal. It offers you flexibility to fit your lifestyle while saving money and time commuting.

When you mention the word transcriptionist, people often think of only the medical field. There are great opportunities for transcription outside of the medical field sucn as the news, the entertainment industry, politics or in the legal field.

There is great flexibility in a work from home transcription job. It's one of the best work from home opportunities as it allows you to find a job that suits your situation and lifestyle as opposed to a regular office job where your life revolves around work. You choose your hours as well as the amount of work you do. Finding online jobs from home positions for transcription is fairly easy.

In your duties for your work from home transcription job, you will need the skill of literacy and be able to transcribe what was heard accurately. You'll need to know the technical jargon about the industry you are transcribing for.

An essential and much needed skill is the ability to type fast with a high level of accuracy. A transcriptionist is taking dictation without the shorthand method that was used in the past. If you are working on an audio or video recording, you'll need to be able to deliver the finished transcript accurately and quickly to please your client. Often a particular circumstance may require you to deliver the finished work in a day or less. Without fast or accurate typing skills, you won't be able to deliver and thus end up with an unsatisfied client.

As a transcriptionist, you'll be researching terms or words you aren't familiar with. No matter how long you've been in the business, you'll need to look up a few terms or phrases from time to time. Your successful research puts the phrase into the correct context, resulting in an accurate transcript with accurate punctuation.

There are several types of work from home transcription jobs. These are real work from home typing jobs that allow you earn at home.

What is the Pay
The pay varies by company. There are companies that pay an hourly rate and other companies that pay per line or page or maybe even by audio hour. Employers that pay a flat rate per page generally pay from 1.35 to 1.60 per page depending on the assignment.

Other companies may pay by audio hour. The pay rates are quite attractive on the surface as they may offer up to $25 per audio hour. The kicker is that typing an audio hour may take up to 3 hours. That means the pay is roughly $8 per hour.

You may see an offer from a company that pays by the word. Suppose they pay .004 a word, that looks like a total sham on the surface but do your math before you write them off.

There's approximately 9600 words in an audio hour so the actual pay is around $38 per hour.

Before taking an assignment, find out if you are required to proof your own work. If so, this takes a bite out of your pay because you have to go back and listen to the audio again and proof your work.

As a transcriptionist, there are positions that are full time work from home typing jobs. Be diligent in your search and don't short change yourself on pay. Granted, if you are a newbie you may need to take a lower starting rate but once you get your foot in the door and gain experience, you should have no problem asking for a raise.

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