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Become a General Transcriber

Becoming a general transcriber gives you a great opportunity to take advantage of a work from home typing job allowing you to save money and time on your commute. If you can type fast, this is one of the online jobs from home that might be for you.

If you're new to the transcription field, becoming a general transcriptionist is the best place to start your career. Companies are willing to give a new transcriptionist an opportunity to prove themselves.

As a general transcriber, you may be transcribing anything from speeches to interviews to TV and radio. The work varies greatly. You produce a transcript of the audio or video provided to you. General transcription does not require any special knowledge or special skills. If you can type fast and have a good ear, you can do the work and earn money with your computer from home. You generally will be required to type approximately 60wpm with accuracy.

Getting started in general transcription is fairly easy as there is no education you need prior to starting your career. The key to your success in this new career is proofreading your work to ensure you are accurate in your grammar and spelling.

Your starting pay can vary significantly depending on the company you work for. When evaluating the pay from a company, remember you aren't just typing. You will be researching, editing and proofreading the transcripts you produce prior to submitting the finished product to the client.

If you are given a difficult assignment (background noise, someone with a foreign accent), it may take you double the time to see it to completion. The same applies for an assignment that contains terms you are unfamiliar with. You'll need to research the terms to ensure the transcript is delivered with the correct context that was intended in the audio. You do want to get your foot in the door but don't rip yourself off, you are delivering a professional service and deserve the pay of a professional.

Here are some links to companies that hire general transcriber online jobs from home. Good Luck in your new career in your real work from home job.

Aegis has customers all over the world. They provide services that include transcription and captioning services to their clients.


Word Wizards offer their clients transcription services for:

  • Interviews
  • Reality TV
  • Documentary footage
  • Speeches
  • Lectures
  • Focus Groups
  • Undercover Investigations


Speak Write has oppotunities for another real work from home job in general transcription.

If you are a quick typist and want a work from home typing job, Tigerfish has opportunities for you to earn money from home with a flexible schedule.

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