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Garden Watering can be the most expensive part of your home vegetable garden. Garden watering is one of those expenses we don't really notice until the bill comes and then, it's too late.

You can't properly maintain your home vegetable garden (or container gardens) for less if you don't have the necessary advice and information. With frugal gardening tips, you can save money on your garden maintainance and make the effort worthwhile.

The whole point is living frugal, right? Starting a garden is one of the easiest ways to save money on your food bill, but you want to save costs to make it worth your effort.

Water only when necessary.

Instead of running a sprinkler system, water only when needed. Too much water can be costly and negatively impact plant growth. Remember in garden watering, only water when the plants look "thirsty".

Plant the garden on level soil to prevent run-off.

This is a critical point to maximize your garden watering. A level soil surface provides the plants in your home vegetable garden ample time to absorb the water before it runs downhill.

Install a rain gauge in your garden.

If there is a significant amount of water in the guage you can decrease your watering for the time being. Mother Nature has done your watering for you.

Use mulch.

Mulching add nutrients to the soil as it goes through the decomposition process, improving the soils ability to hold moisture.

Most mulches can be applied after the plants are well established.

You want to be sure to remove weeds before mulching.

Water throughly before mulching.

My personal favorite is newspapers. They add nutrients to the soil and help hold water.

Water early in the morning.

The cooler temperatures and calmer winds will minimize water evaporation. Watering during the heat of the day or in the evenings is not recommended. You want your garden to have all the water you are using with little to no evaporation.

Water less frequently but longer.

This allows the water to penetrate deeper into the roots of your plants.

Install a drip system.

The system uses 50 percent less water than sprinklers and you don't waste by watering the neighbors yard or your driveway.

Save your water from household tasks.

Save the water from boiling pasta, rinsing dishes, showers or the condensation from your air conditioner.

Keep a large container outdoors.

This allows you to collect rain for watering your garden. This will help reduce your summer water bill.

To prevent mosquitoes, cover the container with a screen.
If you need a quick gallon of water to water the garden, place the hose from the air condition in the watering pot to catch the condensation from the air conditioner.

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