Living Frugal
But It's On Sale

Never buy something that is on sale if you don't need it. Store advertisers bank on your susceptibility to the words "sale" just by posting signs. If you don't need it, it's not a bargain and it's not a sale - it's an opportunity for you to waste money.

Before buying anything that's not on your list, it's imperative to ask yourself some questions:

  1. Can I get this cheaper? Have you researched through sale ads and the internet to find a lower price? Is it on sale? If not, it will be at some point and can you wait? Is this something you could get at a yard sale or flea market?
  2. How does this impact my debt reduction plan? You're living frugal or you wouldn't be reading this. You're working toward debt freedom and looking for creative ways to save money toward your emergency fund, retirement plan, down payment for a house.......etc. Will making this purchase negatively impact any of your future plans?
  3. Do you really need this? It's about necessity, not want and there's a big difference. If your TV is working fine, you don't need a new one just because it's on sale. Are you willing to sacrifice your future savings to have this new TV when you really don't need it? I apologize for sounding harsh but I do want to get your attention before you make a mistake and start the cycle again.

If you give in once, it's easier to make the next bigger purchase that you don't need.

Living Frugal means you no longer being controlled by your emotions to spend. You are not motived by impulse buying and the high you get from it.

You are focused on the ultimate goal - debt freedom as a result of living frugal. You can do this, you are doing this. Sure, you may blow it from time to time but remember you are never a failure as long as you keep trying. When you quit trying, then you are a failure and that's NOT YOU!!

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