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Cheap Garden Ideas

Looking for cheap garden ideas? Look no futher. Living frugal is all about saving money even in your home vegetable garden. You don't have to break the bank to have a beautiful garden.

When you step into Lowe's or Home Depot, you see the prices on the garden landscaping and know without a doubt you can't spend that kind of money on your garden. Try using recycled materials around your home to meet your garden and landscaping needs.

Cheap Garden Ideas

Garden Containers

Instead of buying expensive planters, use buckets, milk jugs, coffee cans or baskets as planters. They make awesome cheap garden planters. Be sure to put drill holes in the bottom to allow adequate drainage for the plants. Without adequate drainage, your new plants will not survive.

Landscaping Borders

Use old bricks, concrete blocks or pavers for garden pavers or hardscaping. You may find free pavers or rock in your local newspaper or on Craigs List.

To create borders for your garden, use old lumber or scavenged rocks. Use old lumber or scavenged rocks to create the borders for your frugal garden bed.

DIY Greenhouse

You can make your own greenhouse using old windows. You can find old windows at your local thrift store for a very good price.

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Tomato Cages

One thing I do despise spending money on are the tomato cages. You can make your own tomato cages using wire hangers or use old fence posts and hay string.

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Cheap Garden Ornaments

Buy cheap pots at your local thrift store or a yard sale. Use old broken plates, pots or tiles to create your own beautiful mosaics for the garden. You know those old CDs you don't need anymore? Hang them in your garden using fishing wire and they are a beautiful garden ornament.

Garden Bench

Use an old door for a garden bench. You can find a old door at your local thrift store for a mere fraction of the cost in comparison to buying a garden bench at retail prices.

Free Stuff

Use Freecycle to ask for recycled materials. Use the recycled material to create your own raised planter beds and pots should you choose to garden on your porch and need garden containers.

Buying Plants

Buy your plants in the fall. You will always pay more at the beginning of the season but fall is a better time to buy and plant. Nurseries will always have plants in the fall at deep discounts.

Eat the Landscape

Plant an Edible Landscape to beautify your yard and provide you with fresh veggies during the summer.

As you can see, there are many cheap garden ideas for saving money while living frugal. Don't spend the extra money when you're trying to save money by planting your home vegetable garden. You will defeat the purpose of having a garden.

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May God Bless your Home Vegetable Garden!!

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