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Growing Green Beans in the Home Vegetable Garden

Growing green beans is relatively easy. The yield will be plentiful so you definitely reap a generous harvest on your investment.

Many gardeners will opt to start their bean seeds indoors. This is very possible but you want to be sure to provide the seeds the correct warmth and light. Using peat pots are best for seed starters but don't start them too early. You want to start them approximately 4 to 6 weeks before the last frost. Once your babies reach 4 inches, you can gradually start introducing them to outdoors for a couple of hours at a time. After a couple of weeks, they are ready to go in the ground or in your container garden.

The typical season for growing green beans is 45-75 days and of course it depends on what type of beans you plant.

When growing green beans, it's important to plant in well drained soil. Beans that are too wet get the blight and turn yellow and don't yield well. Beans also like fertile soil. You want to buy compost enriched soil or work your compost into the soil.

Pole Beans
Planting pole beans will require the planting on hills or mounds. The mounds should be 3 to 4 feet apart with rows at least 3 feet wide. Put a stake in the ground and plant 4 or 5 bean seeds around the stake about one inch deep. Keep the seeds moist until you start to see the seeds sprouting out of the ground in approximately 7 to 10 days.

Bush Beans
If you are planting bush beans, plant the seeds approximately 1 inch deep. Cover the seed with dirt. Place seeds 1-2 inches apart. The rows should also be 2-3 feet apart. When your bush beans are 3-4 inches high, thin the plants out so they are 3-4 inches apart.

Watering Your Beans
When watering your beans, keep the plant as dry as possible but water the roots well. One inch per week is plenty of water per week for green beans. Water your plants in the morning so it gives the plant plenty of time to dry and prevent diseases from attaching to the plant. Be sure to water enough to keep the soil moist but not soggy.

It's time to pick beans
Your green beans should be picked before you notice any bulges in the bean pod. The bean should be firm and easy to snap when broken. Be careful when picking and don't tug on the plant.

Harvesting is important to the green bean plant. Pick the beans when they are ready and your bean plant will continue producing all season. If you've canned or froze all the beans you can stand, sell them at your local farmers market for extra money. People love fresh beans but they don't take the time to plant their own garden. They'll love the chance to buy yours. Summer of 2012 brought prices of 75.00 per bushel of green beans. You're living frugal and making money by starting your own home vegetable garden.

Enjoy the fruits of your labor!! May God Bless You in the Home Vegetable Garden

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