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Make Money Watching TV

Can I Make Money Watching TV? Seriously?

It's simply amazing isn't it? Could I really be any lazier and make a quick buck from the comfort of my recliner? Who would have thought 10 years ago that you could make money watching TV.

I'm serious, you can make easy money by getting paid to watch videos and TV. There's really nothing to do, just sign up and enjoy the show.

It's nice to make money from something you do anyway.

Like all other things, there's an app for that.

The app is called Viggle and it's a rewards program where you can earn points for just watching TV. You can redeem the points you earn for gift cards.

Using Viggle is easy and very simple. Download Viggle to your iPhone, iPad or Android and it will tally up the points you earn while you watch TV. What's really cool is Viggle will identify the program you are watching on it's own.

Viggle - Make Money Watching TV - Get the App Now

Turn on the app and login when you sit down to start watching TV. It will identify the program from your smart phone by listening to what you're watching. It finds the show from a database and you confirm in the app that this is the show you are watching. 

Not only do you earn points for watching TV, but you also earn extra points for interacting with what you are watching. Using Viggle Live, you vote on what you are watching "live". 

For every minute you watch TV, Viggle will give you 2 points. It doesn't take long for your points to add up and you earn extra money from what you would have done anyway. 

There are shows categorized as "featured" where you earn max points. However, there are no stipulations on what you watch. You can watch anything you want and still earn points for all the shows. 

After you've accumulated enough points, there are many options for rewards. You can select movie tickets or gift cards to restaurants.

You won't make a six figure income with this app but why not make free money doing something you do anyway - with no effort. Just enjoy the show and make some extra cash.

Pretty Awesome when you're making money watching TV!!

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